Session Information

Oct. 19, 2020

Time Session
11:45 a.m.—noon Virtual Conference Orientation
Noon—2:30 p.m. Workshop: Asset Management 101: Introduction, Key Concepts and Examples
2:30 p.m.—2:45 p.m. Break
2:45 p.m.—5:15 p.m. Workshop: Asset Management 201: Key Field Issues, Data Model, and Technology Choices

Oct. 20, 2020

Time Session
11:20 a.m.—11:50 a.m. Opening Remarks and Virtual Conference Orientation
11:50 a.m.—noon Visit sponsored exhibits
Noon—1:30 p.m. Innovative Characterization and Simulation for MGI Infrastructure Materials Design Integrating TAMP into Transportation Planning Processes Financial Planning for TAMP
1:30 p.m.—1:45 p.m. Visit sponsored exhibits
1:45 p.m.—3:15 p.m. Innovations in Building and Maintaining Concrete Infrastructure Local Agency Asset Management Risk Based Prioritization
3:15 p.m.—3:30 p.m. Visit sponsored exhibits
3:30 p.m.—4:30 p.m. Group discussion/Q&A with panel of local, state,and federal representatives

Oct. 21, 2020

Time Session
11:00 a.m.—noon Student Research Presentations
Noon—1:30 p.m. CADD, GIS, BIM and Asset Management Asset Resource Allocation and Trade-off Analyses Asset Management for Local Agencies
1:30 p.m.—1:45 p.m. Visit sponsored exhibits
1:45 p.m.—3:15 p.m. Deterioration Modeling Automated Data Collection to Identify Infrastructure Assets and Assess Condition of Assets “Easy” Asset Management Life-Cycle Strategies
3:15 p.m.—3:45 p.m. Visit sponsored exhibits
3:45 p.m.—4:15 p.m. Closing remarks/ panel discussion feedback


The Transportation Asset and Infrastructure Management (TAIM) Conference attracts professionals from throughout Pennsylvania and the mid-Atlantic region. It is an outreach program of the Center for Integrated Asset Management for Multimodal Transportation Infrastructure Systems (CIAMTIS), a USDOT Region 3 (Mid-Atlantic) University Transportation Center (UTC) housed at the Larson Transportation Institute (LTI).