Note: All registration fees for the 2020 conference have been adjusted to reflect the revised, virtual/online format.


$125 — 2-Day Participant Registration (Tuesday/Wednesday Sessions Only)

$175 — 2-Day Participant Registration (Tuesday/Wednesday Sessions & Workshop)

$75 — 1-Day Session Registration (Tuesday or Wednesday)

$50 — Workshop-Only Registration Fee

Speakers and Moderators

$100 — 2-Day Speaker/Moderator Registration (Tuesday/Wednesday)

$125 — 2-Day Speaker/Moderator Registration (Tuesday/Wednesday & Workshop)




The Transportation Asset and Infrastructure Management (TAIM) Conference attracts professionals from throughout Pennsylvania and the mid-Atlantic region. It is an outreach program of the Center for Integrated Asset Management for Multimodal Transportation Infrastructure Systems (CIAMTIS), a USDOT Region 3 (Mid-Atlantic) University Transportation Center (UTC) housed at the Larson Transportation Institute (LTI).