Student Poster Session

The 2022 poster session will be held Oct. 17. 


Case-study: Effectiveness ofBIM as a tool to aid in transportation blueprint reading for young AEC professionals

Student: Dyala Aljagoub, University of Delaware

Landslide risk-assessment in cut locations using right-of-way videos and artificial intelligence

Student: Michael Palese, University of Delaware

Self-healable polysulfide sealants for concrete pavement joints

Student: Sandra Milev, University of Delaware

Improving the performance of moisture exposed externally bonded carbon fiber Reinforced Polymer (CFRP) Strips using Fiber Anchors.

Student: Sophia Rupp, University of Delaware

Price discovery for strategic compensation of toll road operators to relieve state maintenance impacts: Insights from interviews of operators, states, and experts

Student: Babatunde Atolagbe, University of Delaware and Narae Lee, George Mason University

An AI optimization approach for infrastructure asset management through deep reinforcement learning

Student Presenter: Mohammad Saifullah, Penn State University

Multi-Objective Optimization Considering Safety for Maintenance and Rehabilitation Decision Making

Student Presenter: Muyang Lu, Penn State University

On the performance-based approaches to evaluate the oxidation potential of iron sulfide bearing aggregates in concrete

Authors: Zhanzhao Li (presenter), Aleksandra Radlińska, Penn State University

Freeze-thaw resistance of recycled aggregate concrete using the silane agent for aggregate surface modification

Author: Hanbin Cheng (presenter), Aleksandra Radlińska, Penn State University

"Investigation of cracking in concrete bridge decks during staged construction"

Presenter: Rui Zhang

Faculty Mentor: Gordon Warn, Aleksandra Radlinska

Applications of Equivalence Testing to Emerging Pavement Condition Assessment Technologies

Presenter: Pengsen (Jason) Hu, Penn State University

Uniformity Inspection of Tack Coat Coverage Through Measurement Conducted on Drone Collected Image

Presenter: Aida da Silva, West Virginia University

Digitalization of Traffic Scenes in Support of Intelligent Transportation Infrastructure Applications

Presenter: Linjun Lu, West Virginia University

Estimation of Three Mutually Orthogonal Vanishing Points from Edgelets in Road Scenes

Presenter: Sourav Dutta, West Virgina University

Soluble and available alkalis from non-traditional and natural pozzolans

Student: Mohammadreza Sharbaf, Penn State University

Evaluating the Influence of Plastic Source and Particle Size on the Performance of Recycled Plastic Modified Binder

Student: Jubair Ahmad Musazay, Penn State University

Monitoring the compaction condition of asphalt pavement based on particle kinematic behavior and machine learning algorithm

Student: Shuai Yu, Penn State University

In-Situ Dynamic Modulus Prediction for Asphalt Pavement Combining Machine Learning Algorithm and Sensing Technology

Student: Cheng Zhang, Penn State University

Use of Smart Sensing for Combined Pavement Condition and Traffic Monitoring

Student: Dylan G. Ildefonzo (Virginia Tech) 

Faculty: Linbing Wang, Monty Abbas (Virginia Tech), Shihui Shen (Pennsylvania State University at Altoona), Fei Dai (West Virginia University) 

Balanced Asphalt Mix Design and Pavement Distress Predictive Models based on Machine Learning

Student: Jian Liu (Virginia Tech)  

Faculty: Linbing Wang, Shihui Shen (Pennsylvania State University at Altoona)

Asphalt Pavement Crack Detection and Quantification using Infared Thermography and Deep Learning

Student: Fangyu Liu (Virginia Tech)  

Faculty: Linbing Wang, Monty Abbas (Virginia Tech), Fei Dai (West Virginia University) 

UHPC Shrinkage and its mitigation using the lightweight fine aggregate

Presenter: Abdullah Al Moman, Penn State University 


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The Transportation Asset and Infrastructure Management (TAIM) Conference attracts professionals from throughout Pennsylvania and the mid-Atlantic region. It is an outreach program of the Center for Integrated Asset Management for Multimodal Transportation Infrastructure Systems (CIAMTIS), a USDOT Region 3 (Mid-Atlantic) University Transportation Center (UTC) housed at the Larson Transportation Institute (LTI).